Claire Chandra + Layered Beats solo / Fri 3rd Jan 2014

Claire Chandra + Layered Beats solo / Fri 3rd Jan 2014



Claire Shanthi Haris-Chandra will be performing at the Armidale Club Friday Night with Layered Beats solo



Claire Chandra

Reilly Fitzalan + Aleister James / Wed Dec 11 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Reilly Fitzalan + Aleister James

  Wed Dec 11

Live @ The Armidale Club

Reilly Fitzalan (4 piece band, Drums – Bass – Electric Guitar – Acoustic Guitar – 2x Vox)

Here are links to the headline act Reilly Fitzalan\’s music and bio etc,

Bio : Reilly Fitzalan is a singer-songwriter from the Northern Rivers of NSW. Since picking up the guitar at the age of 15, Reilly has written prolifically and hit the streets to hone his craft as a performer. Early appearances at open mic nights around the Far North Coast area demonstrated Reilly’s ability to hold his audience spellbound while offering up his original works. Since then Reilly’s talent has been picked up by being invited to play at Splendour In The Grass 2012, supporting Jinja Safari & Kaki King in Byron Bay playing at the Mullumbimby Music Festival 2012 and also playing at The Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013. With a driving passion and undeniable natural talent, Reilly has focused upon his music and his commitment to performance, becoming a regular performer throughout the East Coast. His unique style of folk rock engages and warms listeners with an emotional strength and sensitivity beyond his age.

Played Splendour In The Grass 2012
Played Mullumbimby Music Festival 2012
Played Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013
Supported Jinja Safari 2012
Supported Kaki King 2013
Reilly Fitzalan\’s song \”Your Stars\” Won awards for Best song in The Catagories of Alternate/Indie & Production at the 2013 North Coast Music Dolphin Awards

The Song \”Your Stars\” has also received over six thousand plays on Soundcloud.

Reilly Fitzalan Gigs regularly between Byron Bay & Melbourne.

Reilly Fitzalan



Support Act:
Aleister James: (Solo, Electric Guitar – Vox)


A scholar of hip who\’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, Aleister James is a six string slinger and singer, currently based in Melbourne, originally hailing from deep in the heart of the Hutt Valley Delta, New Zealand.

Aliester\’s music fuses a wide pallette of influences from early jazz to 90\’s rock, filtered through his deep love of the blues and the songwriting of the Beatles.

Aleister performs regularly around Melbourne, either solo or with his groups \’The Jimson Line\’ and the \’Aleister James Blues Assembly\’, attracting attention for his tasty guitar chops and honesty of his vocals.


Aleister James


The Imprints / Saturday 11th Jan / Live @ The Armidale Club

The Imprints

Saturday 11th Jan

Live @ The Armidale Club


If the heart could play music it would sound like the Imprints as they fire up with high energy neo-gypsy melodies underscored with dub, afro and dance inspired grooves. They lace this together with hypnotic melodies leading the listener on a sweet voyage.

Fresh from their debut European/UK tour the Imprints have had an amazing year, performing at festivals including Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Beat Herder, Small World Festival, Wallaby Creek Festival and Nimbin Roots. Their two and a half month overseas tour also saw them perform their own shows throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the UK.

Featuring the well-known Melbourne musicians Willow on violin and Linden on drums – the Imprints create a sound that is both light and dark, uplifting and menacing. A magical illusion that suggests a much bigger band! Willow seduces the listener with her violin drawing forth the sounds of double bass, guitar and keys as she builds the sound with her loop station whilst Linden provides the percussive thread that completes the Imprints unique sound.

The Imprints grew organically from the moment they started to play together in early 2010. Initially performing down tempo trip hop they layered moody string sections with dynamic live beats, quickly realising their potential as a multi-genre project with a unique sound. Seductive original music inspired by their lives and experience capture African and Eastern European gypsy musical imagery and together they provide their own soundtrack to inform a unique interpretation of the music of Bjork, Fat Freddys Drop, Massive Attack and Jimi Hendrix and others.

The Imprints have performed all over Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia at festivals including Glastonbury, Beat Herder and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They have also performed an impressive amount of their own shows, playing everywhere from rooftop bars and clubs in Berlin to quaint pubs in the UK, town squares in Amsterdam to villages in Austria. Response to the Imprints has been growing and gaining momentum as they continue touring their way across the world!

In August 2012 the Imprints released their self produced EP Reflections – a five track EP that featured dreamy improvisations and took inspiration from reggae, dub, folk, African and cinematic music. They followed this up with their debut album Reverie, released in May 2013. The rich creative vibe of Fitzroy in Melbourne provided the backdrop for this musical project as they created the album in their home studio. Adopting a similar approach to the recording of their EP Reflections they stripped down the production to provide a live ambience and create an energetic trip through a kaleidoscope of influences from gypsy, celtic, afro, dub, dance and electronic genres.

The Imprints toured the East Coast to launch Reverie throughout May 2013 and have been enjoying airplay on radio stations including Triple J, Radio National and PBS.

Individually Willow and Linden have been a part of many other bands and projects. Willow Stahlut has worked with artists including Goldfrapp, Blue King Brown, Little Birdy, Adalita, the Bombay Royale, the Cinematic Orchestra, Mal Webb and Phrase. She has lived in London and toured Europe and Australia numerous times. She is also a sought after session musician in Australia and has contributed to many albums.

Linden Lester has toured Australia, UK and Europe 2006, 2008, 2009 with Morph at festivals including Glastonbury Festival (England), World Bodypainting Festival (Austria), Boom Festival (Portugal), Gurten Festival (Switzerland), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland) and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia). He has toured Mainland and North East India with Aurora Jane, played Mosaic festival in Singapore with Saritah, Bellingen Global Carnival with Cleis Pearce and Living Things and Rainbow Serpent and Folk, Rhythm and Life with Simmer.

The Imprints are touring the east coast of Australia throughout January 2014 and have upcoming festival appearances at Rainbow Serpent and Apollo Bay Music Festivals. The Imprints will also be recording their third album before heading off on their second European tour in June.

Check them out here:



For Members only – AGM Wed 8th Jan 2014

Armidale Club Logo (2)
91 Beardy St
Armidale NSW 2350
02 67724713
ABN: 000-971-675

Dear members of The Armidale Club,

RE; Annual General Meeting
The Armidale Club
6.00pm Wednesday 8th January 2014

The financial year 2012 to 2013 saw many changes take place within your club. At our last AGM, it was explained to members that the club was struggling under the load of a large amount of debt. In order to clear some of this debt, it was decided by the membership to sell our last remaining asset…the club building and land at 91 Beardy Street. Our then president, Mr. Chris Serow guided the club through this process, and we were able to sell the property with a contract which enabled us to lease back the premises at a very reasonable rate, and retain the option to buy back the property if able to after three years. After paying many outstanding accounts as well as our credit providers, we were left with a balance to help us continue to trade.

Early in the New Year, our manager Mr. Chris Curcuroto resigned, and was replaced by our current manager Mr. Steve Jackson. Steve has been very successful in boosting the club’s turnover quite substantially. During his tenure we have seen average weekly takings almost triple.

Other improvements that the board has overseen this year include:

• Modernising and overhauling of our financial operations systems. This gigantic effort by Regina Davidson has brought our book keeping up to date. Besides efficient account and salary payment methods being introduced, we are now able to access more immediate profit and loss figures. This has been recently supplemented with our new POS system which enables the manager and board to oversee the financial position of the club on a weekly basis. Ania Tomaszweska has now taken over our financial administration and is providing invaluable assistance and advice as well as providing a visible financial position to the board on a weekly basis.

• Updating and streamlining our membership register. Thanks to many hours of hard work by Jon Anderson, the club now has a complete membership register. Jon has also worked hard to introduce an online membership renewal process, and streamlined the distribution of barcoded membership cards. We currently have 500 financial members, which indicates the depth of support for the club within the community.

• Regular use of social media, emails and other digital media to publicise events at the club. Steve Jackson has used this method of publicity to great effect during the year.

• The Armidale Club Foundation trust fund was set up by Chris Serow, during the year as a dedicated fund to purchase back our premises at the end of the lease agreement. Chris has also donated many professional hours to the club during the year.

• A new stage has been constructed, thanks to Duncan Clyde-Smith and some very dedicated members Bill and Andrew who lent their time and skills to this project.

• Donation of new stage monitor equipment, and energy efficient stage lighting by various musicians led by Mark Cooper.

• John Harris continued to provide excellent food and service in Turntable Restaurant during the year, and works late into the night to provide meals and coffees to patrons. John has recently entered into discussions with the board regarding a new rental agreement with the club, and we thank him for his efforts to make the provision of food services advantageous to both parties.

The Armidale Club continues to provide an important and relevant role in the local community. Many musicians have graced our club throughout the year, both local and travelling. The club remains a unique part of our community and plays a valuable role in the social and artistic life of its members.

Unfortunately the year has also had a number of significant events which were not as positive in nature. We are currently under audit by The Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing due to incidents which occurred at the club in late September. The board has instigated some changes to our operating procedures since then in an effort to comply with regulations and the RSA code. These include strict application of sign in rules, the regular employment of security, and a dedicated door person. These measures have also impacted on our profitability. The club and board also came under attack from a disgruntled former member, and although the claims made are spurious, the campaign has had a negative effect on our brand.

Since the sale of the club building and land, We were able to pay off a significant portion of our debts, however our bank balance has dropped significantly, mainly due to negative trading figures earlier in the year, increased stock levels, high operating costs, and ongoing payments from the remainder of old outstanding debt. The board has carefully considered the option of placing the club into voluntary administration, and has been in contact with, and taken advice from an administrator. However, our current financials indicate that we are capable of remaining solvent, and the board feels that a move into voluntary administration at this time is premature. A budget has been conceived which will guide us into the remainder of this financial year, with ongoing assessment of our financial position taking place each month, We feel confident that with careful and frugal financial strategy we can continue to trade and maintain a positive bank balance.

We would really like to thank all of our membership volunteers who help us throughout the year and assist us in keeping our costs down. In particular Gerry Dangar and the firewood team who braved the elements last winter to keep our log fire burning. Gerry also mows our grass in summer. Also to Josh and Lindsay who help out with the door duties and the running of the open Mic nights.

I hope that you will find the time to attend our AGM which is to be held at the club on Wednesday the 8th of January 2014 at 6.00 pm. You are invited to nominate for a position on the board, especially if you feel you have skills which may contribute the future wellbeing of The Armidale Club. If you are interested Please email to and we will forward an application form and further details to you.

Paul Mailfert, on behalf of The Armidale Club Board.

Industry Night – Monday 2nd Dec – The Furbelows 7:30pm

Industry Night

Monday 2nd Dec

The Furbelows 7:30pm

Open to everyone and anyone over 18 :)

(not just industry)


– Also a very Special Industry Night featuring The Furbelows 7:30pm only $5 entry.

The Furbelows starts at 7:30pm. They were so incredible, that roped them in to performing on the way back through on their way back to Melbourne.

Who would have thought Armidale could be this lucky? Come say hello to home town girl Arlene Fletcher on Bass. They were so good that nearly everyone purchased their CD!

“Special” for industry members of Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Clubs, etc
Come dressed in uniform or have employment ID and experience $4 House Spirits, $4 Wine, $4 Champaign and $4 selected beers.
Also “Turn Tables” will be open from 6pm with their fabulous menu plus an Industry special offer on Pizza + plus a Coffee/Tea/Cake combo tempter.

Whats On This Week @ The Armidale Club

What's on This week 28:10:13

May 26

The Furbelows / Wed Nov 27 / Live @ The Armidale Club

The Furbelows

Wed Nov 27

Live @ The Armidale Club


The Furbelows are the ultimate 1930s party band. Based in Melbourne, they perform classic jazz standards with close vocal harmony and fiery gypsy guitars.


The Furbelows

Quenching Melbourne’s desperate need for a 1930’s party band, The Furbelows formed in early 2012 during of a bout of casual jams and campfire sessions.  A combination of three-part close-harmony vocals and the hot swinging acoustic guitars of wartime Paris, they quickly developed a strong following based on their joyful, exuberant, and rollicking live performances.


The group take inspiration from many sources, but the leading lights that initially drew them to one another were the intricate vocal bands of the 1930s such as the Mills Brothers, Andrews, and Boswell sisters, and the fiery guitar work of the virtuoso French gypsy Django Reinhardt.  These divergent styles share a common heritage in the turbulent years of the mid 20th Century, lifting audiences above their troubles and allowing them to escape into a world of bohemian decadence and highbrow sophistication.  The Furbelows breathe new life into this music, with a vibrant, modern take that appeals to a broad, eclectic audience of all ages and backgrounds.

The Furbelows have taken this exciting melange to venues across Melbourne and around Australia, including shows at the Famous Spiegeltent, the Bellingen Jazz Festival, Bennett’s Lane and the Paris Cat Jazz Clubs, and many popular residencies as a part of Fitzroy’s vibrant traditional jazz scene.

The Furbelows

Kryptamistik + Binga + Broken Word + Scripted Dialect + Mullato / Fri Nov 29 / TAC

“The Hip Hop Sessions”


+ Binga (Album Launch)

+ Broken Word & Enflux (EP Launch)

+ Scripted Dialect

+ Mullato

Live @ The Armidale Club

Friday November 29th




Get set for what is gonna be one hella of a hip hop night in not so sleepy Armidale Town.Brisbane’s hardest working conscious hip hop crew KryptamistiK are making the venture down south as part of their ‘ ‘Blinded by the Sunset’ Tour to shake some speaker stacks and get heads nodding at The Armidale Club on Friday November 29.

Co-Headlining the night – are local legends BrokenWord & Enflux have teamed up to launch there as yet untitled joint EP in their home town. The collaborative EP promises to deliver the melodic laid back vibe fans have come to know from the artists while also bringing a good dose of hard hitting tracks courtesy of talented up coming Gold Coast producer Mitchell James.

Binga (Equilibrium) will also launch his debut solo album ‘Running from Silence’. Local hip hop heads will get an exclusive preview of the album which features some of Australian hip hop’s biggest names including K21, Layla, Bitter Belief, Dwizofoz, and many more. ‘Running from Silence’ comes off the back of fellow Equilibrium member Mullatto’s solo album ‘My Own Recipe’ released at the Club earlier this year.

To round out this ripper line up the night will be kicked off with Brisbane’s Scripted Dialects and fellow home town hero Mullato to ensure that the vibes are flowing with mad rhymes and banging beats right from the get go!

Doors $10/7pm





Producer-MC’s Skinz and Nikzman are KryptamistiK, one of the unsung heroes of the Australian hip hop underground.Spreading their positive messages of respect and intellect mixed with lyrical precision and banging beats, the group have been a mainstay of the Brisbane hip hop community since their conception in 1998. With the duo taking on all aspects of the craft, from mic skills and live freestyling to beat production and recording, the pair have remained the core of the KryptamistiK movement since day one.Despite the circulating nature of the bands members, Skinz and Nikzman continue to push the envelope of hip hop culture in Queensland. Recently joined by Layla (Truth Serum), Billie Weston (Dubmarine) and Brahman on vocals, the band mixes hip hop with a soulful and funk styled backing. With DJ Yagi on the wheels of steel, the band has played shows and conducted hip hop workshops from The Cape to Coolangatta.

Spreading their messages of social equality, while getting the heads nodding, the crew have supported hip-hop legends from around the world such as: KRS-One (USA), Lyrics Born (US), Z-Trip (US), Mystro(UK), Foreign Beggars (UK), Motley (UK), The Apostles (US), and Savage (NZ) as well as national icons Bliss N Eso, Astronomy Class, Dubmarine, Illzilla, Thundamentals, Drapht, The Tongue,Elf Transporter, Dazastah,and many more.

With their 2008 EP, ‘The Peasant Uprising’, receiving wide acclaim and street press coverage, the band is set to release their new full length album, ‘Emerge n See’ through Beanstalk Records 12th Oct 2012.


Uplifting Conscious Hip Hop

Band Interests

Freestyling, making beats and more freestyling

Kryptamistik tour

Original Music Night / Sat Nov 30 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Original Music Night

Sat Nov 30

Live @ The Armidale Club


Master Jargo

Belief Chiefs 

Axe men

A hard rockin band from Armidale NSW Austraila


Members Matt Griffin – Vocals/GuitarAnthony Green – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jason Maling – Bass

Richard Lockwood – Drums


Master Jargo





Progressive Cinema “SURPRISE FILM” / Wed Dec 4 / The Armidale Club


Progressive Cinema

Wed Dec 4

The Armidale Club

Dear All,

You are invited to the Progressive Cinema screening of a


on Wednesday, 4th December, at 7 pm,

at the Armidale Club, 92 Beardy Street.

Please note the earlier starting time of 7pm and bring suggestions for films to screen in 2014.

I am looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday.



Turntables Restaurant will be open for dinner from 6pm

Al Heeney Rhythm & Blues Experience – Fri Dec 6 – Live @ The Armidale Club

Al Heeney

Al Heeney Rhythm & Blues Experience

Fri Dec 6

Live @ The Armidale Club

This band was brought together by Al Heeney a man who needs little introduction to people who have been in the Armidale music scene.  Al decided he wanted to have even more fun playing music and so pulled together a bunch of friends in order to not only delight himself but the greater Armidale community.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 2.04.31 PM

Jericco + Flying Giant + The Outcome / Sat Dec 7 / Live @ The Armidale Club


Flying Giant + The Outcome

Sat Dec 7

Live @ The Armidale Club


Jerrico CD


From the opening bars of the juggernaut that is their debut self titled EP, it is clear that Melbourne based alternative rock outfit ‘Jericco’ possess a sound and wisdom that is both ancient and eclectic in its origins, whilst highly modern in its outlook.


ericco’s “Beautiful In Danger” National debut album tour 2013.

Jericco are set to embark on the final leg of their national Australian tour to celebrate the critical and commercial success of their highly anticipated debut album “Beautiful In Danger”. This tour has been their biggest to date, highlighting the band’s rising success and presence on the Australian music scene. Jericco are now hailed by many as one of Australia’s iconic unsigned band. On this tour, the fans can look forward to hearing the new album played in its entirety, as well as many old favourites, as the band have increased their set length to 80 minutes for an epic night of rock. Joining Jericco wil be the amazing “Far Away Stables” (Mel/Syd), “Breakaway” (Bris), Shepherd, The Outcome (Coffs, Armidale) and many more TBA….

“They put on a masterclass of the art of live rock every time they take the stage, and this night was absolutely no exception. An exquisite display.This night defined all that is good and exciting about live rock music, and the massive crowd went home as happy as a pig in shi”t Beat Magazine

Price: $12pre -$15 door
Available via or



Ben Gumbleton from (Benjalu) / Wed Oct 23 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Ben Gumbleton from (Benjalu)

Wed Oct 23

Live @ The Armidale Club

Ben Gumbleton



Lachlan Bryan – Thu Oct 24 – Live @ The Armidale Club

Lachlan Bryan

Thu Oct 24

Live @ The Armidale Club


lachlan Bryan brick sm


Lachlan Bryan is a Melbourne, Victoria native with a heart steeped in the drama and imagery of country, roots and Americana music. He emerged in 2009 as front man and songwriter for The Wildes – a band that quickly established themselves as a unique crossover act with elements of old-school country, dustbowl balladry and nu-folk never far from the surface

2012 and 2013 alone Lachlan  performed standout performances at Bluesfest, Gympie Muster and Apollo Bay festivals among many others. He supported US greats Steve Earle, John Hiatt and Paul Thorn here in Australia and toured extensively in the US. Lachlan has collected a swag of song writing accolades and glowing reviews for his live work and debut solo album featuring Kasey Chambers  and has recently  released his  new album in September 2013 that has already garnered 5 star reviews and debut at #8 on iTunes Country Chart.

‘The genius of Shadow of the Gun finds its rightful successor in Black Coffee, with its roiling, rollicking tales of humans gone wrong and trying to do right, delivered in Lachlan’s rich, complex voice.’ Sophie Hamley –Country Music Blog


“…whilst Lachlan has his influences, he is the one that the next generation of artists will be compared to «««««” Chris Snow, Joy FM

“…imagine Nick Cave fronting Steve Earle’s band The Dukes and you’ll have gone some way towards understanding LachlanBryan and The Wildes «««««” Jason Walker, musician and author of Gods Own Singer: A Life of Gram Parsons


TAC Club House


Organismics – Fri Oct 25 – Live @ The Armidale Club


Fri Oct 25

Live @ The Armidale Club


Playing their recent debut under a hot sun in the Beardy St Mall for the Sunday market crowd, The Organismics might be said to have been conceived in heat.  The name would come later; it was the sound that came first: a vigorous blend of popular pieces from the jazz archives, soul-soaked blues alongside salty r’n’b, and funk favourites beside jazz-rock fusion classics.

Band leader and Hammond Organist extraordinaire, Warwick Dunham, called the band together for what was to be one show.  Into centre ring on the Mall stepped the gifted Steve Thornycroft on guitar, the dynamic Woody Woodhouse on saxes, and the energetic Steve Harris on drums.  And, in a moment of true serendipity and inspired spontaneity, Ashley Hall, leading local trumpeter, heard the sound and wandered on stage for an impromptu solo. stayed for the set, and signed up with the ensemble.  The dynamic worked; the crowd listened; another date was booked and so a name was needed. The Organismics came into being; a new band on the Armidale scene offering a fresh take on classic grooves and dynamic soul sounds.

“Organismics” refers to the interplay between the individual and the ensemble; it also announces the defining role Warwick and his humming Hammond plays in the band’s sound. Come and check this band out at The Armidale Club, 23 August, 8.30pm, and hear them do wickedly interesting things with jazz, latin, funk and soul.


October Blues Fest $5 Pints from 6:30pm / Sat 26th Oct / The Armidale Club

October Blues Fest

Sat 26th Oct

The Armidale Club


Underwood Mayne

Frank Kessler

Josh St Ledger

Claire Chandra

$5 Pints !!! “Little Heidi” & “Carlsberg”

Graduates enter free …

Starts 6:30 tonight …

October Blues Fest

Underwood Mayne

THREE MONTHS IN ISRAEL-PALESTINE – Vivienne Porzsolt / The Armidale Club / 7.30 pm Monday 28 October


The Armidale Club

7.30 pm Monday 28 October

Come and hear Vivienne Porzsolt of Jews against the Occupation Sydney share her recent experiences of 3 months in Israel-Palestine.
Vivienne has worked for a just peace in Israel-Palestine for over 20 years and has visited the area many times  On her most recent visit, she had an in-depth view of life both in Israel and the Occupied Territories. She joined the Freedom Theatre Bus Ride, stayed in Israeli and Palestinian homes, picked olives, joined both Israeli and Palestinian demonstrations, lived in a Palestinian village in the West Bank International Women’s Peace Service and had an unusually intimate experience. She offers a glimpse of life ‘on the ground’ which she will illustrate with slides/pictures of what she saw and heard there.

Vivienne Porzsolt Vivienne Porzsolt

Halloween – Presented by Fruit Salad / Thu 31st Oct / @ The Armidale Club

Halloween poster

Presented by Fruit Salad


Thu 31st Oct

The Armidale Club

“Dress to distress”





May 21

Mar Haze – Tripple J Unearthed Band – Sat Nov 2 – Live @ T/A/C

 Mar Haze  – Tripple J Unearthed Band

Live @ The Armidale Club

Sat Nov 2

~ Mar Haze ~
Genre: Roots, Rock
Region: Mid North Coast, NSW
Dean – Vocals Guitars Trumpet Harp
Kane – Keys/Vocals
Chris kelly – Bass/ Guitar.
Jarin – Drums
Sounds Like: Beautiful Girls, Ash Grunwald, G Love




May 21

Alex Bowen / Wed 6th Nov / Live @ The Armidale Club

Alex Bowen

Wed 6th Nov

Live @ The Armidale Club


Advance Ticket $10


Door Tickets $12


Deemed the HEART and SOUL of BLUES. ‘The Deep End Tour’ will see singer-songwriter Alex Bowen performing intimate stripped back solo shows late 2013. After his successful debut release ‘Feather In The Ground’ in March 13, Alex has garnered a major following throughout Australia, selling out headline shows and has found himself on board shows with Donovan Frankenreiter, Jeff Martin to name a few.

“With just his voice and an acoustic guitar this young man delivers his howling blue-eyed soul with a sincere passion that is to be respected and admired.” “…this bluesy songwriter’s music is rooted in soul.” – Tonedeaf



Facebook –
Website –
Documentary –
Soundcloud – (Stream the entire EP here)


Alex Bowen

Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk + USA’s Old Grey Mule / Fri 8th – Sat 9th Nov / Live @TAC

Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk + USA’s Old Grey Mule  

Fri 8th – Sat 9th Nov

Live @TAC



Chris Russell\’s Chicken Walk have been the next big thing this year after performances at Golden Plains & Deni Blues Fest as well as recent tours with Tony Joe White & Clairy Browne & The Banging Rackettes. With their second album \’Shakedown\’ already sold out of vinyl after 3 days of pre-orders, they\’re one of the hottest acts in Australia at the moment.


Chris Russells Chicken Walk



Old Gray Mule are out from the USA to play Wangaratta Blues Festival, and will be pairing with Chris Russell\’s Chicken Walk for a two piece blues tour. They have been to Australia twice previously, have blown away crowds at numerous festivals, and have a new record.


Old Grey Mule

Totally Gourdgeous / Sunday 10th Nov / Live @ The Armidale Club

Tickets on Sale now!!! 


Totally Gourdgeous  

Sunday 10th Nov

Live @ The Armidale Club

Today! 5pm


Turn Tables is open for dinner or bar snacks …

“Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley’s pumpkin patch via The Muppets!”.

All are playing Gourd instruments luthiered by Penelope Swales – Legendary since young (Gourd Guitar, Gourdalin, Stomp, Aslatuas, Chinese Hulusi Gourd Flute), Mal Webb – from Lano & Woodley to Glastonbury Solo (Gourd Bass, Mbira, Gournet, Voice-box), Carl Pannuzzo –  Smallest Stadium Band in the world to Woodford Fire Event Choir master (Gourd Djemba, Percussion, Guitar), Andrew Clermont – a nutso player from Dya Singh to Tom T Hall (Gourdiddle, Gourdalin, Guitar) and all with Gourdatious Vocals to produce a manic, organic musical experience, punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity & messages of love, fellowship and environmental sanity.

Totally Gourdgeous 1

Totally Gourdgeous 4Totally Gourdgeous 3Totally Gourdgeous 2

Progressive Cinema presents Fred Magdoff “The environmental crisis and capitalism” / Wed 13th Nov / @ The Armidale Club

Progressive Cinema Presents 

Fred Magdoff

“The environmental crisis and capitalism”

Wed 13th Nov

The Armidale Club


Progressive Cinema
Wed 13th Nov
@ The Armidale Club

Progressive Cinema screens `The Spirit of ’45’ by Ken LoachFred Magdoff  “The environmental crisis and capitalism”


The November screening of Progressive Cinema will feature Fred Magdoff “The environmental crisis and capitalism”, at the Armidale Club, on Wednesday, 13th November, at 7:30pm. Turntables Restaurant will be open for dinner from 6pm.


The Delta Lion + BlackDiamond Thu 14th November Live @ The Armidale Club

The Delta Lions + Black Diamond

Thu 14th November

Live @ The Armidale Club



The Delta Lions are an Australian country/punk/blues influenced rock band based in Newcastle, New South Wales.
Michael Ferfoglia (guitar/vocals),
Mat Taylor (drums/vocals),
Ryan Wilson (bass) and
Ben Leece (guitar/vocals),
The Delta Lions punk rock roots and love for classic song writing, give the band a unique, soulful, sincere sound. Strong guitar driven riffs and sing along chorus’ with lyrics about the good old days help the band reach an audience young and old.
In early 2010 after writing and performing as an acoustic duo together, Mick and Ben talked about starting a band after conversations of a shared love for bands such as The Replacements, Old 97’s, Jawbreaker, The Hold Steady and Lucero. Both, who had played in and out of various styled bands over the years wanted to do something. They began recording demo songs with good friend Mat Taylor behind the drums who eventually would make his stay permanent.
After weeks of rehearsal Ryan Wilson was recruited to the bass and the line up was complete. The band played for the first time in January 2011 at a friends birthday party performing an original set as well as a set of covers that included songs by Lead Belly, Danzig, Social Distortion, Thin Lizzy, Jace Everett and Bruce Springsteen. The band has recorded an eleven song album planned for an independent release summer 2011/2012 as yet to be titled…

Basic Info

Joined Facebook 02/26/2011

Members Ben Leece (guitar/vocals) , Michael Ferfoglia (guitar/vocals), Mat Taylor (drums/vocals), Ryan Wilson (bass)

Hometown Newcastle, Australia

Record Label Independent

Current Location Newcastle, Australia

Contact Info



The Delta Lions


Underwood Mayne / Fri Nov 15 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Underwood Mayne

Fri Nov 15

Live @ The Armidale Club


Underwood Mayne formed as a four piece pseudo Rock’n’Roll garage band in late 2009. The combination of a naturally groovy vibe and a high energy performance using the sounds of shrieking keys, chunky messy guitar, thundering bass, practically melodic drums, and vintage style vocals attracted much attention from the rocker scene around the Gold Coast and Brisbane placing Underwood Mayne as a sizable point of interest in the region’s live music circuit. The sound and style was sculpted through creative manipulation of ideas drawn from bands such as, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Wolfmother and Led Zeppelin.


Underwood Mayne

After completing a successful exploratory tour of Newcastle and Melbourne it was decided amongst the band that Underwood Mayne Rock’n’Roll shall prevail at all costs! Thus they continued gigging on the Gold Coast and Brisbane while garage-recording every song they’d ever written to finally maintain a catalogued set list of over 30 complete songs. This catalogue, while vinyl-esque in quality is waiting at the ready should the opportunity for distribution and world domination arise.

Underwood Mayne are well known throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane live music scene having graced such illustrious venues as the Hi-Fi, The Globe Theatre, Ric’s Bar, The Tempo, The Zoo and the X&Y Bar in Brisbane; The Beergarden, Neverland, Mermaid Beach Tavern, Runaway Bay Tavern and the Shark Bar on the Gold Coast. Further afield, they have played the Cherry Bar, the Espy, the Brunswick Hotel and The Pony in Melbourne and the Great Northern in Newcastle.

Like most bands, Underwood Mayne has struggled to avoid work and study to continue writing and playing sweet-arse rock tunes, though jobs are needed to maintain the band’s high level of dress style, cowboy boots and sunglasses. They’re just working hard (musically only) and waiting for the break, however big, to launch them into proverbial rocknroll space… Spaceroll!..with blackjack… and hookers… spacehookers.

Underwood Mayne wall scream

Ensemble Galobera + Josh n Angus / Thu Dec 12 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Ensemble Galobera + Josh n Angus

Thu Dec 12

Live @ The Armidale Club





Rough Justice / Sat Dec 14 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Rough Justice

Sat 14 Dec

Live @ The Armidale Club

Rough Justice are …
Derrick Craigie, Dave Cooper, Gerrard Bourke and Luke Cornish,

Rough Justice have been performing locally for around two years appearing at the Armidale Club, Exservices Club, St Kilda Hotel as well as many private functions, local bike rally’s and parties. Playing all your favourite aussie rock songs as well as blues and pop classics.


Rough Justice


May 19

The Date Brothers / Thu 21th Nov / Live @ The Armidale Club

The Date Brothers

Thu 21th Nov

Live @ The Armidale Club




From a gypsy campfire to the lowdown bluesy sounds of New Orleans to the South American street party to the sophisticated inner city salon;

The Date Brothers happily invoke these sounds and styles and play in a virtuosic manner on their acoustic guitars.

Latest recording is available online at http://date

A selection of tunes from Johann Sebastien Bach to Bud Powell. Music spanning 300 years from North and South America, France, Scotland and Norway performed by this Australian trio. The emphasis is on original arrangements rendering beautiful melodies and improvisations played with passion and great style on acoustic guitars and double bass. Ian is playing original Selmer guitar #861. Find out more about selmer guitars
Ian Date – guitar
Nigel Date – guitar
Howard Cairns double bass

Monarch presents – DJ Nutz / Fri-22 Nov / Live @ The Armidale Club

Monarch presents – DJ Nutz

Fri-22 Nov

Live @ The Armidale Club



Monarch presents - DJ Nutz


May 19

Tobias Moldenhauer – Saturday Nov 23 – Live @ The Armidale Club

Tobias Moldenhauer

Saturday Nov 23 

Live @ The Armidale Club


A Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter of European background, Tobias recorded his solo demo in Europe 2005, before hitting the road to play music in both Hemispheres. He has performed in a variety of countries, including Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, Samoa and Australia.

‘Kings Cross Angel’ from the Demo ‘Ghosts on the Pavement’ was featured on O.S.T of German TV movie ‘Tatort’ in 2009. The 2011 release ‘Live at the Red Shed’ received airplay across Australia and was toured interstate. A performance of its opening track ‘Haunted Forest’ won the Abel Cottone Memorial Prize 2010 and ranked 6th place Instrumental Piece of the year 2011 in the nation-wide songwriting competition of the Australian Singer Songwriter Association.

Solo performances feature effect pedal driven acoustic guitar, bottleneck slide resonator guitar and melodic fingerpicking in open tunings coupled with soulful and haunting vocals. Tobias’ material strives to add a fresh footprint onto the sands of contemporary guitar music, disregarding common trends to satisfy any one genre, instead embracing many.

2012 saw the creation of a trio with Jarrah Higgins on drums and Hugh Gilbert on bass. Occasionally joined by ‘Lucky’ Lester on harmonica, the band excited theater audiences, presenting “a solid blues sound with excursions into a jazzy world of unconventional folk music”. In August the group set out to record their material live tho 4-track. The result is a fresh, original, non-manufactured sounding album, entitled ‘Solitary Bones’, widely played on national and community radio in Australia, as well as numerous Blues stations overseas.



May 16

Dan Granero Band / Sat 19th Oct / Live @ The Armidale Club

Dan Granero Band

Sat 19th Oct

Live @ The Armidale Club


Dan Grenaro



Dan Granero is an International Blues/Rock Guitarist/Vocalist. Dan tours Australia, Scandinavia and Europe with various high profile musicians 😉

Dan Granero is an International Blues/Rock Guitarist. Dan has spent the last few years touring Australia and Europe and has currently 4 albums available through iTunes and CD Baby. For more info, go to the official website –


High Energy, Guitar Driven, Blues/Rock!

Band Interests

Fender Guitars, Basses and Amps, Marshall Amps, Performing, Recording and Touring!

Postponed – Armidale Heat – Global Battle of the Bands / Mon Dec 9 – 7:30pm / The Armidale Club


Organisers will reschedule next year 


Armidale Heat – Global Battle of the Bands

Monday, December 9 at 7:30pm

The Armidale Club


Battle of the Bands

Little Napier + Distin Tebbutt – Thur 5th Sep – Live @ The Armidale Club

Little Napier + Dustin Tebbutt

Thu 5th Sep

Live @ The Armidale Club


Little Napier

Band Interests


Basic Info

Joined Facebook 08/03/2010

Members Niall White/ Charlie Godwin / Dave Smith / Fergus Wilson

Hometown Sydney North Shore

General Manager Warwick @ Normal Agency – or

Current Location Killara

Contact Info





Dustin Tebbutt

Dustin Tebbutt 



“The Breach” + NEW VIDEO out now!
Falling for the northern hemisphere.. the notion of life in winter and the appeal of a hibernation far away, Dustin Tebbutt relocated to Sweden for 2 years to live and work, write and record.

The result was this tenderly sculpted music about that move to the other side of the world.. The things he left
or lost along the way, and the person that came back.

The lead single and title track from “The Breach” is available
now at with an E.P set to be released in Australia later this year.


For your autumns and winters.

Band Interests

Layers of sound, snow underfoot.

Basic Info

Founded 2013

Genre Indie/Folk/Pop

Hometown Etched out in Stockholm, cast to stone in Australia.

General Manager

Influences Laura Veirs, J. Tillman, S. Carey, Richmond Fontaine, The National, The Low Anthem, Tucker Martine, Tallest Man On Earth, Justin Vernon.

Current Location Australia

Contact Info


Press Contact


Born Lion + The Lazys + Salute to Sundown – Fri Sep 6th – Live @ The Armidale Club

Born Lion + The Lazys + Salute to Sundown

Fri – Sep 6th
Born Lion 1

Born Lion 5
“Hard to fault. Both tracks by these guys are killer” –
Richard Kingsmill, Triple J Music Director“This is the best. There’s a touch of The Hives to it but it kicks a lot harder” –
Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director of Triple J Unearthed
Born Lion 2
Born Lion drop their debut self-titled EP on March 1st. Two singles from this independent release, Livin’ Tough and Adolescent Oaths, have both received strong support from local and national radio stations. The EP was recorded with notorious Sydney Producer, Dave Hammer (The Snowdroppers, Die!Die!Die!) and is set to become one of the most hard-hitting punk rock releases of 2013.
After forming in Sydney in early 2012 Born Lion have made some serious noise across the Aussie live music scene. In the past 6 months the band has toured the east coast twice and hit NSW with Sydney heavyweights ‘Strangers’. In February 2013 Born Lion were named Triple J Unearthed feature artists. Immediately after, they opened the Soundwave festival in Sydney. Playing the main stage, they opened for the likes of Metallica, Blink 182 and The Offspring.
Born Lion 3

Rhythm ‘n’ angst

Band Interests

Good spelling, good grammar, good punctuation, bad chords.

Artists We Also Like

Gay Paris, Hell City Glamours, The Mission In Motion, Lo!, Die!Die!Die!, Invaders, Epics. Strangers, Gay Paris, DZ Deathrays, Violent Soho, BRUCE!, The Mercy Beat

Band members
John – Guitar/Voices
Dave – Drums
Nathan – Bass
Red – Guitar/Voices
Booking Agent
Jordan Campbell – Harbour Agency –
Born Lion 4

 Salute to Sundown                   8:30 PM – 9:10 PM      

    The Lazys                                  9:30 PM – 10:10 PM      

              Born Lion                           10:30 PM – 11:15 PM


Salute to Sundown

Salute to Sundown –


Salute To Sundown are a pop/punk band from Armidale, who write and play original music.

Salute to Sundown is a Pop/Punk band from Armidale. We play original music combining pop-punk and hardcore elements. Some influences are A Day To Remember, New Found Glory, Tonight Alive, The Amity Affliction

Members Josh Targett – Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals
Toby Brown – Lead Guitar
Jake McFadyen – Drums/ Vocals
Shane Roach – Bass



The Lazys

The Lazys


The Lazys are a 5 piece rock outfit from Terrigal, NSW Australia. Instrumentation Leon Harrison – Vocals – Matt Morris – Lead Guitar – Jay Braslin – Drums – Glenn Williams – Bass – Liam Shearer – Guitar
The journey began in 2007 when the boys hit the road with fellow Central Coast band Something with Numbers. Quickly building a loyal fan base further national tours followed with The Lazys sharing the stage with bands such as Against Me (US), Hollywood’s Ms Juliette Lewis, UK’s The Answer and Aussie bands such as Gyroscope, The Living End, Grinspoon and more.
Band Interests

Playing Live!

Artists We Also Like

Nat Col & The Kings, The Dirty Love, L.U.S.T., Strangers, Gyroscope, The Living End

Marty Branagan, Peace Studies lecturer at UNE Wed 18 Sep – 6:pm The Armidale Club

Marty Branagan, Peace Studies lecturer at UNE

Wed 18 Sep – 6:pm

The Armidale Club

Marty has written a new book which he is launching the 3rd week of September, as part of Peace Day celebrations.


Enquiries – Johanna Garnett – – 0402427365

Frank Kessler & The Trick – Frank’s B/Day Bash / TAC / Fri 20th Sept

Frank Kessler & The Trick

Live @ The Armidale Club

Fri 20th Sept

Frank’s Birthday Bash !!!

Frank Kessler – vocals/guitarist (Jazz, blues )


One of Armidales most experienced guitarists, seamlessly incorporating a subtle mix of blues, rock, jazz & country. Drawing from a deep and eclectic repertoire there is something for everybody in every set. Frank is a natural crowd pleaser and a sophisticated musical talent.

Frank Kessler

Ecopella – Wed Sep 25 – Live @ The Armidale Club



Wed Sep 25

Live @ The Armidale Club


Ecopella in Armidale leaflet

Spit Syndicate – Thu 26 Sep – The Armidale Club


split syndicate Sq sign

Spit Syndicate (Hip Hop)

Thu 26 Sep

The Armidale Club

Tickets for our MONEY OVER BULLSHIT TOUR on sale now –

Hip-hop duo from Inner West Sydney.



Artists We Also Like
Horrorshow, Jackie Onassis, Joyride
Basic Info

Genre Hip-Hop/Indie

Members Nick Lupi & Jimmy Nice

Hometown Sydney

General Manager Myles Cooper @ Phat Planet,

Influences Cooked food & fly girls.

Current Location Sydney, Australia

Contact Info

Press Contact Evan Alexander @ Heapsaflash

Booking Agent Stephen Wade @ Select Music – +612 8577 6977


split syndicate tour poster

Slim Knackers Live in the front Bar + Stevo and Cazza / Fri Sep 27 – The Armidale Club

Slim Poster

Slim Knackers Live in the front Bar

Fri Sep 27

The Armidale Club



Slim Knackers Live in The Front Bar. An Australian Love Story. With Special Guests Stevo and Cazza – the famous two piece Aussie Hits Trio, all the way from Dubbo! $5 entry – 8pm. Bring your gold coins for the raffle: Special Slim Knackers merchandise up for grabs. Slim Knackers Live in The Front Bar is a rollicking adventure with more twist and turns than a taxi ride to Sydney Airport.
Come join Wonky and Slim in his favourite local hangout (and only pub in town), the Tattersals hotel in sunny little Collarenabri, where the publican’s a little bit Margret Fulton and a whole lot bat shit crazy! Warning, this live performance contains adult themes, robust language, some nudity, lots of drinking, dog farts and so on and so forth… all up a top night out! There will be a prize for the best dressed bogan!

Slim Small
Oh yeah… 27 September 2013!! Very important to remember that!

Apr 14

Gronk Stomp – Toby’s Party / Sat 28th Sept / The Armidale Club

Gronk Stomp – Toby’s Party

Sat 28th Sept

The Armidale Club


Gronk Stomp


Fruit Salad Presents “Paradise Long Weekender” / Fri Oct 4 / The Armidale Club

Fruit Salad Presents

Paradise Long Weekender

Fri Oct 4 

The Armidale Club


Paradise Long weekend

Fruit Salad Presents “Paradise Long Weekender” / Sat Oct 5 / The Armidale Club

Fruit Salad Presents

Paradise Long Weekender

Sat Oct 5

The Armidale Club


Paradise Long weekend

Apr 09

Locals 4 Locals meeting / 6:30pm Tue Sept 10th / The Armidale Club

Locals 4 Locals meeting

6:30pm Tue Sep 10

 The Armidale Club

Locals 4 Locals

Apr 09

Progressive Cinema – Wed Sep 11 The Armidale Club – Waste Land

Waste Land

 Progressive Cinema Wed Sep 11 The Armidale Club   Progressive Cinema presents:
Waste Land

at The Armidale Club, 91 Beardy St,
 on Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

at 7:00pm

Human society sustains itself by transforming nature into garbage.
– Mason Cooley

“Waste Land”, a documentary by Lucy Walker, follows Vik Muniz, the New York based artist, as he returns to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro where he photographs “catadores” (“pickers”), who salvage material for recycling.

Through his collaboration with the catadores the project evolves, and garbage becomes the stuff of art. Both the despair and the dignity, as well as the initiative and struggles come to light as the catadores begin to re-imagine their lives.

The film will be introduced by Tony Lynch, senior lecturer in philosophy and politics, whose work combines political analysis and deep passion for aesthetics into a comprehensive vision of environmentalism for the 21st century.

Entry is free.

All donations go to Green Left Weekly

Turntables Restaurant is open from 6pm

For further information, contact Steve Norris on 0408797629

Note the starting time is 7pm, not 7:30pm


Emma Donovan with Terra Firma / Thu Sep 12 / Live @ The Armidale Club

Emma Donovan with Terra Firma

Thu Sep 12

Live @ The Armidale Club


Emma Donovan


  • Emma Donovan
  • Emma Donovan is an Indigenous Australian singer and songwriter. She is a member of the renowned Australian musical family the Donovan family. She started her singing career at age seven with her uncle’s band, The Donovans.
    Emma was an original member of the vocal trio, Stiff Gins, co-writing and recording their 12 track album Origins and the award winning single Morning Star. With the inclusion of her traditional language Gumbayngirr through her songs Emma is committed to educating the global community to understand more about the depth of Aboriginal culture and spirituality. Seamlessly blending genres from Country and Gospel to Soul and Reggae.
    Terra Firma
    Terra Firma
    Terra Firma is based in Regional NSW and features a unique sound of country, rock, reggae & blues.
    Book us today and ‘Let the good times roll’
    Emma Donavan

Friday 13th Ghosts & Ghouls Party – Fruit Salid – Fri 13th Sept – The Armidale Club

Fri 13th Sept

Friday 13th Ghosts & Ghouls Party 

Fruit Salad

Fri 13th Sept – The Armidale Club


Friday 13th

Fruit Salad is back on September 13th to bring you a horror themed club night at the Armidale Club! Come and experience something different locally.

<<<<<18+ EVENT>>>>>

This time we’ll be haunting A-Club on a Friday night. Help us creep the place out by wearing a mad horror costume and walk amongst the dead.

We’ll be mixing everything from techno, deep house and rap in our cauldron of doom, performing rituals to conjure lazers and strobes from the other side and of course a ground-shaking sound system to open the graves. DJs begin from 9PM!

If you have been to the Armidale Club before you’ll know the personal feel it has, and this is what we love about the place. If you haven’t be ready to feel as comfortable as being at home. The Armidale Club has 2 pool tables, an awesome timber bar directly opposite a seating area which then leads to the dance floor in which the main theme setting will be. There is also a smoker friendly verandah out the back.


Brocktagon (

Liam Porter

Liam Watson

Loicc (

+More TBA

>>>>>CHEAP DRINKS<<<<<

$4 Standard Tap Beers
$4 House Spirits (Rum & Vodka + more)
$4 Stubbies (Tooheys, XXXX + many many more)
$5 Coopers Stubbies (Pale + Sparkling)

Royal Chant / Thu 10th Oct / Live @ The Armidale Club

Royal Chant

Thu 10th October

Live @ The Armidale Club


” I can’t tell you…but I can play it for you. “
Royal Chant is a three piece garage band from the sleepy coastal town of Port Macquarie. Fast & fuzzed, slanted & slurred, they have spent the last 3 years playing shows across Australia on stages big & small. After a handful of singles and a smashing on Triple-J with their single “Somedays”, their debut LP Raise Your Glass & Collapse was named Indie Album of the Week by the Brag amongst a flurry of press, and their raucous live show gained the band some serious attention. Recently returned from their maiden tour of the USA, the trio is back to recording and touring, carving their own strange path out of the spotlight but somehow never far from it. They keep their heads down and the distortion up, creating an alternate world of pounding drums, walls of sound, & songs that speak with the ache and numbness of existence.

The world is rubbish. Let’s get on with it.

On and on and so it goes…

Band Interests

Juvenile Assault, Pissed Off, Getting Lost, Getting Ahead, Getting Behind….

Basic Info

Founded 2009

Release Date Forever and ever, amen.

Genre Garage/Rock/Alt/Indie

Members James – bass/vox
Mark – guitar/vox
Stephen – drums/vox

Record Label ..::Dirty Mab Records::.. Get Royal Chant music

General Manager Rather unmanageable

Influences Bob Dylan, The Pogues, The Velvet Underground, old R.E.M., new R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Idlewild, Nirvana, Elliot Smith, Neil Young, The Kinks, David Bowie, The Jam, The La’s, Dramarama, The Pixies, The Drones, Crazy Horse, Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Beck, Ryan Adams, Folk Implosion, The Shins, Elvin Jones, John Coltrane, Monk, Ronnie Dobbs, Falstaff, Philip Larkin, Stevie Smith, Andy Kaufman, Oscar Wilde, Jack Fairy, Opinions, Fists, Bedwetting Music, Bad Poetry, Bad Dancing, People Who Talk Too Much, Harvest Gypsies, Being Someone’s Second Best Friend, A Broken Harmonica You Found In A Public Toilet, A Good Beating, Throwing Up, Running Away, Hanging Around, Getting By…..

Current Location Sydney, NSW, Australia

Contact Info


Booking Agent


Royal Chant

Al Heeney band / Mining in a Sustainable World / Mon Oct 14th / “after conference party” TAC

This Monday @ The Armidale Club

Conference Dinner @ Turn Tables

Simon Mellor

The Glorious people’s Revolution

“Al Heeney Band”

$10 entry for non Conference Diners

Al Heeney Conference 1 Al Heeney Conference 2 Al Heeney Conference 3 Al Heeney Conference 4


Progressive Cinema – “Fractured Country, An Unconventional Invasion” Wed 16th Oct @ TAC

Progressive Cinema in conjunction with

the Lock the Gate Alliance


“Fractured Country, An Unconventional Invasion”

Wed Oct 16th

@ The Armidale Club


Australia’s governments are intent on expanding CSG operations. Narrated by Jack Thompson, this film exposes the damage already done in the CSG fields in Australia, in such places as Tara and the Condamine River in Queensland. It catalogues the danger to so much of Australia’s rural society and iconic landscapes, threatening both agriculture and tourism, each of which provides far more employment than the 2% contributed by the entire mining sector. The film highlights the even more devastating consequences we can expect by showing regions in the USA, transformed by CSG extraction into toxic wastelands, beyond remediation in our lifetime. The aftermath is as dire as predicted by the opponents of CSG mining. The film gives voice to victims of CSG mining in Australia and contains a remarkable demolition by Alan Jones of the propaganda issued by advocates of CSG.




Electronic Music Night. @ The Armidale Club. Sat 7th Sep

Electronic Music Night.

@ The Armidale Club.

Sat 7th Sep

“Warm fire, awesome friendly staff, fairly pieced drinks and BJ’s Turntables restraint out back.

Music Kicks off at 9pm till 2am – We are offering 5 hours of massive electronic music.

Sound and lighting by LOOSE LIGHTING.

Styles include. – Electro, Prog/Psy Trance, Minimal Techno and Funky, Dark Glitch Hop.

Artists include.





-Surprise Act TBA on the night.

Gold coin donation on entry.”

Ricky “The Bomb” Lightfoot

Harry & Moorey / Fri 2nd Aug / Live @ The Armidale Club

Harry & Moorey

Live @ The Armidale Club

Fri 2nd Aug

Big Party Night ! 

Harry & Moorey

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